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Top Design Trends of 2017!

Make your space stylish with the best design trends of 2017!

The design world is a constantly evolving scene, new brands inject fresh ideas, while traditional concepts are reinvented. 2017 is already almost halfway over, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the design trends of 2017 so far and the direction the hottest design trends of 2017 are heading! From space-saving solutions to statement pieces, nature to the future, 2017 has been a fantastically varied year for the design scene, in this blog we’re going to guide you through the top design trends to keep an eye out for, and how NOXU Home can help you bring them into your home!

Natural Design, Natural Beauty

Natural motifs and environmentally friendly design are super in fashion in 2017. Natural design always gains popularity during the Spring, however it looks like it will be a more long-term trend of 2017; driven particularly by an upsurge in eco-friendly design. No longer a fringe trend, eco-friendly design is being embraced across the design world as its spectacular potential is realised. Designer furniture pieces are investments, enhancing the value and look of your home or office. As Dr Vandana Shiva said, “It is not an investment if it is destroying the planet”, 2017 marks a real turning point in independent designers not just incorporating sustainable design, but embracing it.

NOXU Home has teamed up with the fantastic independent designers Green Decore to bring you some of the best environmentally-friendly designer furniture pieces available. Green Decore’s rugs are showcase designer pieces that add a brilliant finishing touch to your space, whether outdoors or indoors. Constructed from recycled plastic for a durable finish, or sustainable sari silk for a luxurious feel, the Green Decore collection, from rugs to accessories, is not to be missed!

Bright Lighting Innovation

Lighting has always been a staple of the design world; lighting can make or break any space, it’s important not to overlook lighting but instead find the perfect designer lamp for your space. 2017 is showing that designers are not afraid to be experimental and innovative with their lighting designs. Modern technology is always providing space for new design ideas and invention. New materials and paint coatings are enabling designers to replicate textures and tones that were simply impossible only a few years back. At NOXU Home you’ll find award-winning lights that are at the cutting-edge of lighting design. In-es.artdesign brings together innovative materials, from blackboard surfaces to surfaces inspired by the moon, with elegantly minimalist shade shapes, to spectacular result.

Traditional lighting concepts are being reinvented to bring them up to date with modern style. With the ever-increasing prevalence of LED bulbs, designers are creating fascinating new pieces designed to work with bright lights, without the constraints caused by the heat of traditional bulbs. It’s about RoMi is one of the leading lighting pioneers of 2017, their Athens Lamps are minimalist masterpieces, while their Seattle Pendant reimagines the chandelier, while bringing a retro industrial chic feel!

Timeless Clocks

Clocks are back in fashion in 2017, with independent designers embracing their simple construction and timeless appeal, creating modern and inventive clock designs that buck the pattern of the last few years of uninspiring timekeeping designs. Even the most traditional of clock designs has been updated, such as the beautiful One Clock from LEFF Amsterdam, which takes years of clock design and refines it into one minimalist masterpiece.

The French design group Lyon Béton has embraced concrete for all their work, showing how an unconventional material can create wonderfully quirky designs, such as their minimalist Life in Progress Clock. Other fantastic designs from Lyon Béton to look out for include their incredibly popular ‘Cloud’ bathroom shelf and their urban-inspired Pipeline Vase.

Material Innovation

In 2017 it’s not just the potential of innovative materials being realised, but also the appeal of combining wildly different materials. The independent Polish design company Take Me Home is at the forefront of this trend. From the elegant Arena Coffee Table to the striking Massivo Dining Table, be sure your space is stylish with NOXU Home! Minimalist tables help draw attention to central elements of your space, leaving a platform for decorative features, as well as enhancing any modern minimalist furniture or Scandinavian furniture you may already own.

2017 has been an incredible year for the design world so far. The design shows and exhibitions that have happened this year have shown just how inventive the design scene continues to be. In a fast-paced and ever-changing market it can seem difficult to predict what’s around the corner, we hope our insight has helped you to navigate some of the most fashionable and innovative design trends of 2017!

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