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Latest Summer Styles!

Green Decore outdoor rug

Summer is well and truly here at last. Summer style and furniture can often be overlooked, compared to the dominating trends and exhibition fairs of spring and autumn. Keep on top of what’s hot this summer by exploring the varied styles that can keep your home fresh and cool throughout the summer heat!

Spring style has always focused around nature and florals; as spring turns to summer the design world moves from flowery designs to more minimalistic, cleaner, nature inspired designs. Botanical designs are definitely not out of the picture yet, they’re just not quite so overt. Elegant designer pieces that incorporate botanical elements in just the right balance are the perfect home accessory choice for Summer 2017. The stunning Gala Rug from Green Decore evokes thoughts of long hazy days with its creeping-vine inspired pattern, while the Morphée cushions use floral elements in harmony with retro geometric patterns. During the long summer hours, everyone wants to spend as much time outside as possible, the resilient materials of both the Gala Rug and Morphée Cushions mean they can accentuate your outdoor space all summer long too!

Balancing urban or industrial-inspired design with the colours and aesthetic variety of Summer style could potentially present a problem. There is no need to worry though; the designers found at NOXU Home have released some incredible creations to help spruce up your minimalist urban space this Summer! Lyon Béton’s beautiful Pipeline Vase is a wonderful way to bring nature into any urbane space, creating a charming contrast of concrete and a plant of your choice!

Whether your home is at the cutting-edge of modern aesthetics, or you prefer the charm of traditional interior design, Moroccan-inspired decor is back this Summer and better than ever! Spurred on by a resurgence of bright colours and geometric patterns, (covered below,) the most stylish interiors are taking inspiration from one of the world’s best holiday destinations. The Marrakesh Pendant Lamp from It’s about RoMi, inspired by the markets of the Moroccan capital, is a fantastic way to upgrade your lighting this summer. The Marrakesh Pendant Lamp is a beautiful design that won’t go out of style, even after the design world has moved on from their Moroccan focus! Balance your space with Green Decore‘s beautiful Moroccan Silk Rug, found on NOXU Home.

Marrakesh pendant lamp

Geometric designs are another strong trend of 2017. Now that summer is here the focus for geometric designs moves from the more neutral monochrome designs of earlier in the year to bright and bold base colours. Colourful outdoor furniture is a fantastic way to embrace this trend, it’s amazing how a splash of colour can really cheer up any space! We’re really pleased to stock Green Decore’s extensive outdoor furniture collection on NOXU Home, there are so many fantastic geometric designs its hard to pick a favourite!

Green Decore poufs

It can be tempted to neglect dark and deep tones during the summer months, that’s a style faux pas in 2017! Deeper colours, particularly dark reds and inky blues, provide a perfect feel for those long summer nights when you retreat indoors, creating a luxurious aesthetic environment that compliments natural elements brilliantly, perfect for creating an Eastern-inspired space. The Lavagna lighting range from In-es.artdesign smoothly brings together dark tones and deep base colours.

Summer style is the perfect time to bring some new designer furniture into your home, spring cleaning has cleared out the old, now it’s time for something new. Make sure your new furniture is sure to stay stylish with NOXU Home!

Lavagna pendant lamps


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