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Simple and Stylish, How Rform are Rethinking Furniture!

rform detail

At NOXU Home we’re immensely proud of our ever-expanding selection of designers; our team careful seek out the very best independent design houses and brands from across Europe to ensure every product we offer is spectacular. When our team stumbled across the design company Rform they were immediately enthralled! Rform is a relatively young company from the Flanders region of Belgium, but already they’re making a name for themselves with their original and imaginative takes on classic designs. From minimalist benches to eye-catching cabinets; every one of their furniture concepts is outstanding!

When you first see Rform‘s range, the most striking features are the brightly coloured segments, the smooth wooden elements, and the stunning contrast between the two. Cheerfully colourful segments bring a charming touch to these minimalist pieces, with the consistent use of high-quality wood reaffirming such materials place at the heart of minimalist design; an elegant choice of materials that not only looks great but are sturdy and resilient.

rform Pi Stool Snow White with Switch Bench 01 Palm Leaf Green

The designers at Rform proudly state that the starting point for their start-up was their “infinite passions” for product development using digital production techniques. Their mission is to design products that are seemingly simple but effortlessly brilliant; bringing their designs to life using the latest manufacturing technology. With keen eyes for even the smallest detail, it’s clear on closer look that every last millimetre of Rform‘s products have been carefully and specifically planned. This results in an almost indescribable sense of aesthetic balance, furniture that not only compliments your space but brightens it.

Rform embraces the relationship between the start of a furniture concept as a playful idea and the technical prowess of industrial perfection. Pieces such as their iconic Tall Frame Sideboard incorporate angular geometric laser-cut sections while using colourful panels to overturn the devotion to traditionally muted colours of Scandinavian-inspired minimalism, something many designers simply refuse to dare. Using colours ranging from foxy orange and cherry red to butterfly blue and palm leaf green, rform’s innovation pays off, with their vibrant designs gaining attention from across the design scene.

By sticking to their principles and their deep-rooted belief in the power of ‘pure’ simplicity, Rform has not only made a range of individual masterpieces but a range of pieces that work fantastically well together. With Rform you don’t have to worry about a style imbalance between your chairs and table or stools and benches, all of their designs accentuate each other, even if you choose radically different colours!

The beautiful designs and innovative materials of Rform‘s designs are not the only reason why their creations are so desirable, their pieces are also handily simple to set-up, and constructed using guaranteed environmentally friendly reason. Furniture made of wood shipped from the other side of the world is not only out-dated but simply unfashionable, Rform looked to their local sustainably managed forests for their wooden segments. The plastic look of the colourful laminate sections is only for show, it actually consists of a durable 100% biodegradable material.

Rform‘s furniture pieces are perfect for minimalist living with soul, whether you want a fantastic centrepiece or the perfect finishing touch to your space. Designed to last, never losing its colourful charm, bring Rform into your home today with NOXU Home!

rform Frame Sideboard 02 Small - Foxy Orange

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