StammPlatz Children's Wardrobe
StammPlatz Children's Wardrobe

StammPlatz Children’s Wardrobe


A playful design for the little explorers of the world, your child’s choice is the final part of this minimalist wardrobe.

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Product Description

The StammPlatz kid’s wardrobe is charmingly creative storage design by the German Design Award winning studio Fnurst. StammPlatz is based on a child’s fundamental eagerness to explore, a desire to bring the natural world into our own little worlds and homes. With the StammPlatz your child can enjoy and learn from the natural world around them. A minimalist shoe-rack and shelf-unit forms the base of the StammPlatz; you and your child is then invited to go out and collect the sticks or branches of appropriate sizes to form the hangers of the wardrobe.

Nature becomes your child’s coat hook. As your child grows so their storage must too, but there is no need to purchase something new with the StammPlatz, instead your child can simply explore and collect new larger branches and sticks for their wardrobe. Coated in a special melamin-coating, the StammPlatz is constructed of high-quality birch-plywood, and is designed to resist west garments and muddy souls.

Product Features:

  • Your child’s hand-picked branches complete the design
  • Durable and long-lasting material design
  • Easy to assemble, a small Allen key and self-adhesive felt gliders

Height: 79 cm
Width: 49 cm
Depth: 26.5 cm

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