Slim LED Filament Bulb E27/4W


The Slim LED Filament Bulb is a stunning lightbulb from It’s About RoMi, an LED bulb with the aesthetics of a filament Edison bulb. E27/4W

Product Description

It’s About RoMi is an independent Dutch design house who’s stunning lamps have garnered international renown. Now It’s About RoMi has created a range of exquisite LED Filament Bulbs. A perfect match for any It’s About RoMi lamp, the Slim LED Filament Bulb also works brilliantly with any E27 light fixture.

Modern lighting technology with a classic aesthetic, this bulb uses multi-LED structures to replicate the filament of an incandescent Edison bulb. Bring the beautiful design and warm glow of a filament bulb to your designer lighting, with the long life-span and environmental-friendliness of LED technology!

  • dimmable
  • warm white light
  • E27/4W

Height: 14.6 cm
Diameter: 6.4 cm

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