Regal Reversible Rug


The Regal Reversible Rug is a beautiful rug suitable for outdoor or indoor use, in any space. Inspired by the stunning mosaic designs of the Mediterranean.

Product Description

The Regal Reversible Rug is a stunning rug from the London-based designers Green Decore. Eye-catching and quirky, suitable indoors or out; the Regal Rug is a resilient and durable rug, specifically designed for use in in areas with heavy foot traffic or outdoors. The Regal Reversible Rug stays in great condition even under rain or bright sun; being resistant to both fading and mildew/damp.

The Regal Reversible Rug has a beautiful geometric pattern, a style inspired by the elegant mosaics of the Mediterranean. This is a rug that’s sure to turn heads and liven up any space. Highly adaptable to any environment, as suitable in a commercial events space as it is inside your hallway!

Product Features:

  • Intricately woven recycled plastics for a high-quality finish
  • A quirky and eye-catching colour scheme
  • Easy to wipe clean, resistant to mildew and fading

120 x 180 cm

Just one of the many fantastic rugs available on NOXU Home!


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