Rai Lamp


The Rai Lamp is a beautiful geometric pendant lamp from Jaanus Orgusaar, an elegant pattern of aircraft plywood below a warm yet bright bulb.

Product Description

The Rai Lamp is a beautiful pendant lamp from Jaanus Orgusaar. Jaanus Orgusaar specialises in innovative designs inspired by the geometry and aesthetics of the natural world; the Rai Lamp is no exception. A truly stunning piece, the Rai has been designed to fit a 1/8th section of a spherical-blown octahedron, the crossing arcs sharing a common radius with the centre of the imaginary sphere. The structure of the Rai Lamp creates an airy but rigid shape, immensely aesthetically pleasing, without the cumbersome nature of a full sphere.

The Rai Lamp works in perfect harmony, both with the included bulb and the carefully chosen 1.5m textile cable precisely proportioned to create a unified sense of balance. Built from birch plywood slats, the Rai can be quickly and easily assembled thanks to Jaanus Orgusaar’s intuitive joint system. This is a pendant lamp that is sure to enthrall and intrigue all who see it.

Product Features:

  • Constructed from high-quality waterproof birch plywood
  • Hand-crafted in Estonia
  • 0.5 kg weight, 1.5m white textile cable

Requires E27 (Max 70w) bulb (included).

Height: 24 cm
Diameter: 74 cm

The Zome Lamp by Jaanus Orgusaar is also available


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