Nemo Table


The Nemo Table is a beautiful dining table from Jaanus Orgusaar, a combination of sculpted wood and tempered glass, perfect for your home.

Product Description

The Nemo Table is a beautiful dining table from the incredibly talented Estonian designer Jaanus Orgusaar. Jaanus Orgusaar has lofty ambitions for his pieces, wanting to be as world renown as Alvar Aalto. Here at NOXU Home, we believe Jaanus is well on his way to such international success with beautiful wooden designs such as the Nemo Table. Created out of a fascination for natural phenomenon, this is a table that gives a beautiful impression of bubbles, with perfect curves contrasting with sturdy angular elements.

The flat plywood elements of the Nemo Table have been created into a sculptural form using the power of steam, similar to the creation of echo chambers in wooden string instruments, creating a final piece of sculptural lightness and elegance while being rigid and strong at the same time. A tempered glass centre creates a light and airy impression around the NEMO Table, which is as perfect as a dining table as it is a formal meeting table.

Product Features:

  • Sculptured birch plywood with tempered glass
  • High-quality durable design
  • Circular table centrepiece that can easily seat eight people

Height: 72 cm
Diameter: 180 cm

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