Life in Progress Clock
Life in Progress Clock

Life in Progress Clock


The Life in Progress clock is a wonderfully minimalist timepiece. Constructed from raw-concrete it as a brilliant neo-industrial feel.

Product Description

The Life in Progress Clock from Bertrand Jayr for Lyon Béton is nothing short of a stunning minimalist masterpiece. Reflecting a digital loading icon, the Life in Progress reflects the ever ongoing nature of life and time; its smooth and quiet workings and a dial without apparent numbers create a non-segmented representation of time. A vaguely industrial feeling clock. the Life in Progress is beautifully minimalist.

Seemingly constructed from a singular block of concrete, the clock’s potentially heavy feel is off-set by its smooth curves and charmingly cut-out clock face. The Life in Progress is wonderfully adaptable, it can be placed upon a table or shelf, or alternatively attached upon a wall with its integrated mounting system.

Product Features:

  • Durable moulded concrete
  • Can be stand-alone or wall-mounted
  • At 3.3 kg its easy to move around, despite its concrete construction

Height: 28 cm
Width: 28 cm
Length: 8 cm


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