Eva Solo Sunlight Table Lamp


Powered by solar-energy, the minimalist Sunlight Table Lamp can light up your evening without need for power socket or batteries!

Product Description

With solar cells integrated into its design, the Sunlight Table Lamp creates up to 20 hours of ambient lighting after 8 hours of exposure to the sun. Suitable for year-round use, this innovative garden lamp is frost-resistant and waterproof, while its portable design enables it to be taken inside at the end of the day to provide low-cost indoor lighting. Complete with an automatic setting, this smart solar lamp can be set to switch on and off by itself using a sensor.

Eva Solo is a family-run international company focused on product innovation. Inspired by new developments in the modern home, Eva Solo is constantly evolving its product range to offer stylish and functional products with distinctive designs. This is a minimalist futurist table light perfect for your home.

  • Frostproof and waterproof
  • Wireless, energy-efficient design
  • Glass and aluminium construction

Height: 13.5 cm

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