Bubble LED Bulb with Lattice Filament E27/6.5W


The Bubble LED Bulb with Lattice Filament is a new bulb from Spanish designer lighting house Bulb Attack, perfect for any E27 light fixture!

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Product Description

The Bubble LED Bulb from Spanish lighting house Bulb Attack is an exquisitely designed lightbulb for your designer lamps. Bulb Attack are quickly gaining a reputation as designers of outstanding quality minimalist lighting solutions; their bulbs are no less fantastic.

An intricate lattice of LED filaments provides a bright yet environmentally-friendly way to bathe your space in a beautiful warm glow. The Bubble LED Bulb works perfectly with any Bulb Attack lighting fixture, or any other E27 lamp. The latest in lighting technology with the aesthetic of a classic Edison bulb!

  • dimmable
  • warm white light
  • E27/6.5W

Height: 18 cm
Diameter: 12.5 cm

A set of Three Bubble LED Bulbs with Lattice Filaments or Five Bubble LED Bulbs is also available.

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