Base Clock
Base Clock

Base Clock


An industrial-inspired minimalist timepiece, the Base Clock is a stylish addition to any modern space.


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Product Description

The Base Clock is a wonderfully creation from the Dutch design house LEFF Amsterdam. A minimalist masterpiece, the designers state that inspiration for the Base’s design came from industrial production archetypes, bringing a sense of urban chic into your home or work-space. The Base Clock is a perfect blend of angular accents and smooth reductionist curves. The Base Clock’s protruding accent works in harmonious contrast with the bell-jar shaped body, adding a curious quirk and eye-catchingly breaking the clock’s symmetry.

The Base Clock’s ceramic body, handcrafted by Cor Unum; a ceramic art centre based in the Netherlands, is available in a uniform black or white. The clock’s brass hands stands out, making it both easy to tell the time and working as an effortlessly cool finishing touch.

Product Features:

  • Ceramic body with brass hands
  • Only 2.4 kg
  • Available in matt black or white

Height: 33 cm
Width: 26 cm
Depth: 20 cm

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Black, White


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