Rform is an outstanding Belgian furniture design brand, creating beautiful minimalist furniture pieces that strike the perfect balance between eye-catching colours and accents and traditional minimalist principles. Their designers say that the first moving force behind their start-up is their infinite passion for product development, and the digital production techniques that have enabled them to create furniture pieces that are seemingly simple yet strikingly brilliant. With keen eyes for detail, furniture pieces that are perfect down to the smallest feature are created.

The designers behind rform describe themselves as ‘furniture engineers’, they don’t want to simply build a piece of furniture, their design process is filled with creativity and soul. A fusion of playful design, manufacturing excellence and deep belief in the power of pure simplicity. From spacious dining chairs to space-saving benches, there is something for every space.

Rform wants to make their beautiful pieces as accessible as possible; their focus on environmentally friendly and locally-sourced materials enable them to create stunning designer furniture that won’t break the bank. Assembled in minutes, the quality and durability of rform’s designs are immediately apparent, sure to be a beautiful addition to your home or office for years to come.