It's About RoMi

It’s About RoMi

It’s About RoMi is a Dutch design house from Amsterdam that specialised in innovative and imaginative lighting solutions. Their name stems from their belief in Realistic Open-Minded Individuals, appreciators of design and style that embrace practicality and function too. It’s About RoMi upholds unapologetically minimalist principles, making sure each of their pieces are timeless classics, bringing style wherever they are placed. The design brand came from the most humble of routes, their first designs born out of a tiny attic in the Netherlands back in1993. Through their dedication and incredible designs, It’s About RoMi now proudly operates from an office alongside the oldest canal in all Amsterdam.

At NOXU Home we’re really pleased to stock It’s About RoMi’s inventive Citylights collection. The Citylights collection draws inspiration from the urban sprawl, glass towers and concrete jungles of cities across the world. Using the highest quality industrial inspired materials the Citylights collection is a mixture of classic lamp designs reimagined with minimalist charm and stunningly inventive brand new concepts and pieces. It’s About RoMi’s Citylights collection is as diverse and fascinating as the cities that have inspired it.