Grzegorz Worpus

Grzegorz Worpus-Budziejewski

A talented painter, graphic artist and, most importantly, furniture designer; Grzegorz Worpus is a young and talented mind. Grzegorz had a rich and varied education, from the National School of Theatre and Film Techniques to the Academy of Fine Arts, he collates the skills he’s picked up to produce some truly stunning minimalist furniture pieces. Even as a student he was already award winning.

Working as part of the Take Me Home design brand alongside Mateusz Karewicz and Robert Budny, his furniture excels in stylish simplicity, presenting minimalist techniques refined with the use of high-quality real oak and steel. Grzegorz Worpus aims to highlight and enhance a delicate play of minimalism and spaciousness, shown in his designs which incorporate bold open spaces and delicate minimalist structure. With a focus on raw design and its inherent beauty, Grzegorz Worpus present industrial-inspired furniture in Scandinavian design tradition style, minimalist yet functional, reduced to the most basic elements yet exquisitely designed.