Dragos Motica

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Dragos Motica

A Talented young Romanian interior and furniture designer, Dragos Motica trained at the Romanian Facultatea de Arhitectură, and co-founded the design company Ubi Kubi; building a reputation for himself and his company as a producer of creative designs at the forefront of minimalist innovation.

Dragos Motica has a passion for blending the emotional and the practical, his furniture is specially designed to invoke deep feelings and nostalgic emotion, while remaining functional and practical with bright storage ideas and imaginative concepts.

His creative flair and style is highlighted in a product that NOXU Home is proud to stock, the award winning / lamp. The “/” gathered international critical claim, and helped to propel Motica to the forefront of the Romanian design industry, while helping to highlight the young design talent flowing from Eastern Europe. A beautifully simple lamp, the / is inspired by industrial change and construction change, being assembled from concrete, reinforced wire mesh, rope and spool. The /’s shade, a concrete cylinder, is designed to place a subjective and personal choice in your hands. Perhaps the only designer light to come with a rock, you’re invited to smash and break the concrete cylinder as much or as little as you like, creating a deeply personal and intriguing design.

Motica purposefully choses more natural materials like wood and cork over artificial materials such as plastic for the work of Ubi Kubi, to keep the furniture elegantly simple and sustainable. Motica’s work has been featured in publications from Romania, Greece, Italy, Russia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, and the UK.