Kitchen Tables

Kitchen Tables.

However you spend your day, you’re bound to spend some of it in the kitchen, and life in the kitchen revolves around the kitchen table. From family breakfasts and catch-ups with old friends over drinks to food preparation and homework time, our collection of kitchen tables are designed to provide the perfect balance between the elegance of dining room tables and the relaxed aesthetic of the living room table.

The kitchen is the centre of family life, and all that happens in the kitchen naturally revolves around the most important piece of furniture in the kitchen, the not so humble kitchen table. Kitchens are a practical space, built for preparation and the necessities of daily life, yet that doesn’t mean aesthetics and style can be placed on a back burner, kitchen tables should be as attractive and pleasing as the food that’s places upon it.

The modern square kitchen table strikes a balance between the casual nature of a living room table and the formality of the dining room. With the selection of kitchen tables at NOXU Home you can find a kitchen table that’s elegant and stylish without clashing with the relaxed nature of your kitchen space.

Bring your friends and family together around a homely wooden kitchen table and make some memories that last. Our team has selected kitchen tables that not only look fantastic but will be able to deal with the knocks and bumps of kitchen life, using only the highest quality real wood and crafted metals.