Desks are constructed with one thing in mind; work. However choosing one shouldn’t be a chore; we’ve assembled a collection of exquisite designer pieces that will ensure that when you sit down to work you do so in style. Bring a luxurious edge to your working environment, there’s something for every style, from traditional wooden desks to minimalist contemporary desks.

Your desk is where the magic happens, whether it’s designing the next big thing, writing the deal-making contract or simply helping the kids with their homework. You spend the majority of your working day at your desk; we’ve worked hard to find a collection that you’re happy to spend your day at. Think about your work day and how you fill it, it will help define the perfect choice for you. Perhaps your day is busy discussing with clients and colleagues, in which case you’ll want a modern desk that’s eye-catching and shows you’ve got the look as well as the skills. Perhaps your day is spent busily calculating or writing, in which case the perfect choice for you is one where comfort and storage space for your documents or tools is prioritised.

All the selection you’ll find at NOXU Home is perfect for the professional business environment, however in recent years home offices have become ever more popular too. Home offices are a great addition to any home, they add great value and it’s important to have a space to concentrate and focus even out of the normal nine to five. Using only the highest quality materials, and designed by some of Europe’s leading independent designers, you’ll find the perfect match for your workspace with NOXU Home.