Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables.

Classic bastions of interior design, coffee tables are the perfect vessel for the top European designer’s creativity, and for your modern style. Both a design centrepiece and a piece of furniture in daily use, you deserve a coffee table that oozes with style, making NOXU Home’s selection of designer tables the perfect choice for any stylish home. The perfect match for designer sofas and chairs, there’s one to suit every personal style and taste.

The coffee table is an intrinsic part of any modern living room, and has been defining interior design styles for decades. A design centrepiece that’s in daily use, they are not to be taken for granted or over-looked, it can transform the room around it, turning even the simplest living room into an interior design oasis.

Variety is the spice of life; it’s also the essence of interior design. Our curated collection has something for every flavour of interior design style. Add a display of minimalist style to your living room with our very latest contemporary coffee tables, go with a tried and tested design classic such as a glass coffee table, or give your space an elegant feel with a vintage coffee table.

Gathering points for your family and friends alike, show-off your style and taste for designer style and flair with a coffee table that oozes the wow factor as you gather round. These tables are decorative hubs, from interesting plants to majestic sculptures and attention-grabbing books, its only right that there is somewhere just as aesthetically pleasing to lay them to rest. Our team has chosen the very best from leading designers using the highest quality materials to ensure there’s a stylish coffee table that’s simply perfect for you.