Bedside Tables

Bedside Tables.

No bedroom is complete without the finishing touch of a high-quality bedside table or two. A table you’ll spend many hours beside, here at NOXU Home we’ve searched the best international design houses to bring you a selection you’ll find aesthetically pleasing morning and night. Not only will you find these tables attractive, but with them you’ll find a range of storage solutions, from expansive space under table tops to deep drawers, to ensure there’s a table that fits your requirements.

Half of our lives are spent in bed, whether asleep, tucked up with a good book, or time well spent with loved ones, its only right that our bedside furniture should be of the very highest standard. The bedside table is often the first piece of interior design you’ll see in the morning and the last at night. Holding everything from the mundane alarm clock to your most precious photos, we’ve recognised with the collection you’ll find at NOXU Home that a bedside table needs to be both aesthetically pleasing while providing spacious storage.

Contemporary bedside tables are the unsung furniture heroes, the perfect aesthetic balance, subtle as not to detract from the rest of the room while intriguing and eye-catching enough to not be overlooked. They anchor the aesthetic of your bed and the wider room; the perfect finishing touch no bedroom is complete without one. We’ve chosen a selection of tables that are full of character and brilliant details, including soothingly minimalist masterpieces such as the Moonlight table. For the stylish yet eco-friendly, you’ll find the perfect wooden bedside table, constructed beautifully from reclaimed Indian hardwood.

Whether you choose a classic design or go for a more minimalist modern twist, you’ll find a bedside table for any taste. We’ve chosen a range that are as determinedly sturdy and well-made as they are aesthetic pleasing, to ensure you’ll be making use of your new attractive bedside table for years to come.