Perhaps one of the most functional of all interior design choices, a cabinet can be both functional and inherently stylish, there’s no need to sacrifice one for the other. At NOXU Home you’ll find a range of designs and styles to fit every room and requirement. Using only the highest quality materials from the leading European design houses, give your home a facelift with these designer pieces.

Cabinets are a surprisingly varied type of furniture, designers let out their creative sides to find the most intuitive and interesting ways to keep your possessions stored safely; there’s no limit to the potential. A range of purposes, from storing electronics and holding televisions to storing accessories and shoes, needs a range of designs just as fitting.

Cabinets are not a recent interior design invention, their long history stretches back thousands of years, when Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened for the first time, explores found over 30 cabinets containing his ancient belongings. Cabinets surged in popularity in the UK in the 20th century and have remained popular since.  The premise might not have changed but materials and style certainly have; at NOXU Home you’ll find a range of constructed from the most modern materials, from the striking minimalist to traditional wooden cabinets; designed to be as elegant as they are practical.

Something to suit a whole range of design tastes. They’re perfect fitting as part of the stylish theme of your space, or as stand-out focal points to store and display all your most treasured memories. Maybe you choose a black cabinet, maybe you choose a white cabinet, but their use and aesthetic as part of the wider room is anything but black and white.