Benches are a far-too-often overlooked seating choice. The perfect way to bring friends or colleagues together, easily provide seating for larger groups, without the need for more bulky and more difficult to organise chairs. A seating-solution that instantly adds a cheerfully social aspect to any occasion and the perfect way to get the conversation flowing. The perfect minimalist group seat, they’re also super versatile, and can be used as a stylish display place for your decorations and plants too.

Ensuring everyone has a seat, a bench is the perfect way to provide seating for larger groups, providing a communal atmosphere that’s bound to bring friends and family together. A more unusual and memorable alternative to dining chairs, or used as additional seating for guests, benches add to the social feel of any dining space.

Benches are not limited to staying beside a table; their function can be turned on their head when used as stylish places to store or display decorative pieces, or as a sturdy perch for your plants. Making a great choice for outdoor seating, adding a great social touch to any gathering, they also make an inventive furniture choice for any meeting room or conference space; bringing your colleagues or employees together with the capacity for a large number of people in a relatively small space.

With their simple structure, but stylish design and construction, benches are a great addition to any minimalist modern space. As with all the furniture on NOXU Home, our team has searched the very best designers for the very best quality. You can rest comfortably knowing that everything we stock is made from the highest quality range of materials, leaving you with a bench that will excel through years of use.