Armchairs are chairs with arm rests, but they’re far more than their simple definition. They can invoke different feelings, aesthetic atmospheres and moods; at NOXU Home we’ve assembled a premium collection that’s sure to entice and impress you and your guests, with supreme comfort and elegant style.

When you want a step up from simple, and you want to do so in comfort, you need a chair designed for just that. From your morning coffee to relaxing at the end of an arduous day, our team has carefully collated a designer collection that will make choosing the perfect chair for you anything but arduous; the perfect armchair is a beautiful thing.

When sourcing our armchair collection our team looked to the very best European designers and the latest trends; we’ve assembled a selection that reflects everything from traditional designs to unusual and innovative styles, including some stylish pieces based on art easels!

Brilliant at enhancing any space, they naturally lift the room design. Supremely comfortable, they’re great as part of a selection of furniture, such as our selection of stools and side tables. If you’ve got a more restricted space but still want comfort, add a small armchair in place of a more cumbersome sofa. Add an armchair to your bedroom or executive office for a unique and stylish twist, shake up a neutral room or add as an elegant accent piece whether you go for the eye-catching or more subtly refined. Every comfortable armchair found at NOXU Home is designed to last for years to come, a great investment piece for any space.