Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Rugs.

Rugs need not be restricted to the indoors, made from cutting-edge innovative materials these outdoor rugs are designed to add a splash of style and colour to your garden, terrace or outdoor gathering. Made from premium materials, these are works of art for your outdoor space that feel great underfoot and are resilient enough to last through whatever the weather may throw at them.

Reinvigorate your garden, patio or event space with our range of luxury outdoor rugs. Give the space a lift while smartening the aesthetic feeling and giving an extra burst of colour, a high-quality outdoor rug transforms a good space to a great one.

Whether you want to impress and protect, there is a perfect outdoor rug for you, suitable for a whole range of purposes. The collection that can be found with NOXU Home is of only the best quality, from the most current and trendy designers from across Europe. Each is guaranteed to be comfortable, attractive and, crucially important for outdoor furniture, easy to clean. The selection of outdoor rugs have been specially designed to be highly durable, both waterproof and mildew resistant for even long period of through-winter storage.  They won’t fade or lose their colourful appeal, even under prolonged sunshine and rough-weather exposure. Due to their fantastic resilience consider making bringing them inside to make an inside outdoor rug for when you’re expecting lots of guests and foot-traffic.

There’s a range of styles and designs to fit any aesthetic feel for your space. Choose a colourful or geometric pattern for an eye-catching more exotic feel, or choose from a range or rustic outdoor rugs, even some with industrial-inspired flair!