Don’t let your floor-space be left unloved and bare, be sure to invest in a rug that’s as stylish and attractive as the rest of your home. Rugs are one of the most purely aesthetic pieces of interior design, yet they do also serve a purpose, they make the floor a more comfortable place to sit and walk, even without shoes, protect walkways, provide an insulating surface to protect from cold tiles or wood, and have a variety of outdoor uses too.

A high-quality designer rug complements and completes any space, adding definition and beauty that brings together the whole room. Different sizes and styles are more suited to different rooms and environments. Large rugs are perfect for the dining room, be sure to buy one large enough as to fit the table and all chairs comfortably on it, they’re also great for open communal gathering spaces. Small rugs make the best fit for living rooms or bedrooms; they fit great between or under a range of furniture choices, and add a cosy and warm aesthetic.

Create a contrast or contribute further to the design style of the space with the range of modern rugs you’ll find with NOXU Home. There’s no need to tread softly, be bold and let your style shine, or choose a more neutral tone to become a foundation for a crafted minimalist space.