Wall Lights

  • Brighton Metal Shade Wall Lamp

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  • Brighton Fabric Shade Wall Lamp

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  • Large Retro Cinema Light Box (with letters!)

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  • Mini Retro Cinema Light Box (with letters!)

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  • B3 Wall Lamp

    B3 Wall Lamp

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  • T2 Wall Light in Light Grey and Gold

    T2 Wall Lamp

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  • Nashville Wall Lamp

    Nashville Wall Lamp

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  • Chicago Wall Lamp

    Chicago Wall Lamp

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  • Biarritz Wall Lamp

    Biarritz Wall Lamp

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  • Belfast Wall Lamp

    Belfast Wall Lamp

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  • Aberdeen Wall Lamp

    Aberdeen Wall Lamp

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  • A. Moon

    A. Moon Wall Light

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Wall Lights

Traditional, practical, ever convenient, there are many reasons why wall lights continue to be so lastingly popular. Wall lights not only help to illuminate your decorative room features, they’re decorative features in themselves, timelessly stylish, the collection at NOXU Home has been chosen to be as attractive as anything else you’d want to put on your walls. Wall lights are the perfect lighting choice to create warm and inviting atmospheres, or to focus light in particular areas of your space.

There’s a wall light for every room and space, they can provide the perfect stylish lighting for your home or office, from the elegantly simple to the stand-out eye-catching. Wall lights naturally attract attention, so they’re not something to cut corner with. We’ve chosen our range to include lights that are as timelessly stylish as they are practical. They’re a convenient choice for rooms with limited space, but they also are great to add atmosphere to any environment, adding a warm glow to the wall, or being used to focus light to certain parts of your space.

Walls are the natural home of the art pieces and sculptures that you use to decorate your environment, that’s why we believe that the lights that illuminate the decoration, or simply rest beside, should be attractive and aesthetically pleasing too, decorations in their own right. The perfect example is the atmospheric A. Moon light from In-es.artdesign, which has the appearance of the moon, while illuminating the space with celestial light.

Outdoor wall lights provide a way to draw attention to your building, or light your garden, while also providing the comfort of security, deterring potential intruders. Exterior wall lights are designed to enhance the atmosphere of your space, while being sturdy enough to survive variable weather conditions.