Table Lamps

Table Lamps.

Tables are a crucial part of any room, so are the lights we use to illuminate them. Designer table lamps go beyond their function and become attractive decorative features in themselves, adding to the aesthetic ambience of the table they’re placed on, and the room that surrounds them. Here at NOXU Home we’ve chosen a selection that is varied and adaptable, with designs perfect for the modern office as well as for the cosy corners of your home.

A table may be simple, a table may be elegant, a table may even be elaborate, but tables are only ever as good as the light that illuminates them. Table lamps serve a dual purpose, they light up the space but they also need to compliment it. Table lamps cannot be overlooked, they are almost constantly in our field of vision, from lamps for kitchen table tops to desks and bedside rests, as such we’ve selected only the most attractive designer table lamps to ensure your space is kept well-lit in style.

Modern table lamps do not need to be humble. Our team has scoured the very best design houses from across Europe to provide you with a range of contemporary table lamps that are as attractive on your table as a statement piece of art, from the elegantly minimalist designs by In-es.artdesign to the eye-catching unique pieces from Garage Eight.

Lighting can be energy-draining, especially lights in frequent use. That’s why we have stocked our range with table lamps that accept both LED and incandescent bulb options. Now you can keep your home or workspace brightly lit with the reassurance of safety and energy-efficiency.