Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights.

When you want to illuminate your room or workspace, sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, that’s why we’ve assembled a collection of convenient ceiling lights, perfect for keeping your space bright while maintaining your stylish aesthetic. They may be a simple lighting solution, but our range of ceiling lamps light up corners, not cut them. With a selection of high-quality, eye-catching lights, there’s a beautifully designed lighting fixture waiting for you at NOXU Home.

One of the most traditional, and convenient ways to light a room. However choosing a ceiling light can be far from simple, with so many types and styles it can be hard to know what to choose and what’s right for your space. At NOXU Home we’ve faced that challenge head on, and have selected for you a range that is suitable for a variety of rooms and aesthetic balances, making sure you can keep everything well-lit in style.

Long gone are the days where ceiling lights were equipped with only a simply fabric conical shade. Our range has the perfect light for the perfect setting. Pendant lamps prove an elegant and adaptable type of ceiling light, combining beautiful designs with easily adjustable cords for different ceiling heights, perfect centrepieces; pendant lighting is particularly suitable for lighting tables and preparation areas. For more minimalist spaces, or where ceilings or heavy foot traffic may be restrictive, flush ceiling lights provide the perfect solution, flush lights also make attractive bathroom ceiling lights.

Lighting can be energy-draining, especially lights in frequent use. That’s why we have stocked our range with LED ceiling lights, or lights that accept both led and incandescent bulb options. Now you can keep your home or office space lit brightly with the reassurance of safety and energy-efficiency.