Lighting has the power to transform any room. Good lighting can provide a desired atmosphere, whether you’re going for a moodier low-light feel or a bright and airy ambience, and set the perfect balance for your space.

A range of modern lighting should match or even exceed the range of potential room styles and atmospheres, that’s why here at NOXU Home we’re committed to a range of designer lights that we feel provides something for every occasion and need. The lamps we stock come in all shapes, sizes and materials, from the refined minimalism of Philip Ding’s table lamps to the quirky space-age feel hanging lights from In-es.artdesign’s incredible range, there’s a stunning lighting solution for everyone.

Madonna was once quoted as saying “a new lamp, a piece of art, can transform a room”, and we couldn’t agree more. However we don’t see why art pieces and light art sources need be separate entities. Our range of modern lighting has been specially selected to be lights that contribute to your room even when the lights are off. From the vibrantly colourful to the elegantly minimal, all our lights are constructed from only the highest quality materials from across Europe, so even as time goes on these lights will continue to brighten wherever you choose to place them.