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Making the Perfect Modern Dining Room

Traditionally, the dining room was the focus of the home, the formal room for entertaining, dining, and family occasions. Today many people see dedicated dining rooms as dying breed, while it’s true that not as many dining rooms are included in new build homes as they once were, we still think dining rooms make a wonderful addition to the home if you’re lucky enough to have one, and if not then it’s easy to make a homely dining space in your living room or kitchen. Modern dining room design has evolved far beyond the traditional, the use of only heavy hard-woods and sombre dark colours are a thing of the past, with modern designs looking to make dining rooms a stylish and welcoming part of any home.

Before considering what design style and furniture is suitable for your dining room the first thing to consider is your layout, is your Dining room open plan or contained? How is it connected to the kitchen and the rest of the house? Two of the most popular and stylish modern Dining room trends at the moment are minimalism and industrial flair, you may want to make your Dining room stand-out, or fit in with the rest of your home.

Whatever style you go for, simplicity can be key for a gorgeous and eye-catching dining room. Flair can be added with lighting and décor, while keeping the general feel of the room uncluttered and attractive; the key is the little details.

The table is the centrepiece of the dining room, and rightfully so, it is the most important piece of furniture in the room, it should be the first thing that catches your eye too. One of the most easily avoidable mistakes people make when choosing a dining table is to over-estimate their space; it’s advisable to leave at least a foot on any-side of the table you are planning to place chairs, so as nothing else gets in the way of people standing and sitting. The range of dining tables from NOXU Home come in a convenient range of sizes, including some like the Massivo which has the exact same design in multiple sizes.

Wood is the classic choice for a dining table; a wood table is a great choice for modern dining rooms too, go for one of the Take Me Home collection, smooth wood balanced on intricate and sturdy metal support designs for an ultra-minimalist modern look. Alternatively consider a choice from the Urban Chic range for the homely aged feel and depth of reclaimed Indian hard-wood. Both the Take Me Home collection and the Urban Chic range incorporate metal into their designs with spectacular results, metal and wood work wonderfully together, and help add a modern edge to the room. Whatever design you go for, it’s important to choose a furniture piece that’s constructed from only the highest quality materials in a strong and sturdy design. All the dining room tables at NOXU Home have been specifically chosen by our team as pieces that are as resilient as they are attractive, to be statement pieces for your home for years to come. Dining chairs need to be the perfect balance of comfort and elegance, it’s important to also consider under-table clearance and necessary elbow room. Benches are a quirky and sociable way to give a relaxed touch to your dining space and bring friends and family together.

Colour and tone are other key elements of the furniture choices for the dining room, while black or white choices can be tempting for a minimalist space, they are a risky choice for dining room table-tops and chairs, as stains, spills and scratches naturally show up far more easily. Tables such as the Tavolo, available at NOXU Home, are the perfect balance between a solid wood table-top and attractive single-colour metal supports. Choose for the white metal option to perfectly compliment the Oak table surface.

Lighting can make or break a dining room, just as it can in any other space. Pendant lights are recommended for a modern dining room space, they bath the area in well-distributed light, while being attractive eye-catching decorative pieces in themselves, such as the stunning Mesa Luna and Cyrcus ranges from In-Es.artdesign; available with NOXU Home. Lower the pendants as far as you dare for an ultra-modern aesthetic, though leave enough space for your guests to see each other! Alternatively go for an industrial-inspired light source such as Etel pendant lamps from Philip Ding for a simple yet quirky was to spruce up the space. Symmetry naturally appeals to humans, so it’s best to centre the light over the table, or purchase multiple.

Dining room rugs have really come into fashion over the last few years, accentuating your style, not to mention providing comfort. Just as you should leave some space around the table to ensure your guests can get up and sit down comfortably, make sure an under-table rug won’t be caught by moving chairs. Easy to clean rugs such as the one’s stocked on NOXU Home are the perfect rug for under-table use, wine-stains no longer need to be something to fear!

Dining Rooms are a chance for your creativity and sense of interior design to shine for your friends and family, create a beautiful space following our tips incorporating only the very best designer pieces for a modern room that’s a pleasure to eat in and a valuable addition to any home.

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