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German Design Awards 2017


The German Design Awards are a prestigious annual design awards event. Awarded by the German Design Council, one of the world’s leading centres of expertise on design, German Design Awards are presented for the most outstanding design works from the prior year, in a variety of categories, from across the globe.

In this blog we’re going to be finding out a bit more about the German Design Awards, and look at the past and present winners of the award that you can find here on NOXU Home!

The German Design Awards 2017 was held at the international consumer fair ‘Ambiente’ in Frankfurt, Germany. Over 1000 of the design world’s leading figures and brightest stars assembled to judge, view and appreciate the most creative and inspiring designs of the prior year. First awarded in 1969 as the ‘Federal Award for Good Design’, the German Design Awards have gone from strength to strength, gaining a reputation as one of the highest level consumer design awards in the world. The German Design Award is “the prize that visualises success”, only awarded to the very best projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape, as judged by the Awards’ international jury.

The NOXU Home team is very proud to be able to stock one of the 2017 German Design Award winners; Fnurst Möbel’s incredible ProShoeTo 10. Judged by the jury as nothing less than “an ingenious, original piece of furniture with a clear design” the ProShoeTo 10 is not just one of the best shoe storage inventions we’ve ever seen, but one of the best storage solutions in general too. ProShoeTo goes beyond simply storing shoes; it stores them in a dynamic arrangement that always shows the best side of the shoes (the outer facing side where the primary design is most commonly shown). ProShoeTo achieves this while remaining ergonomic and slender, to accommodate even the most restricted of hallways or other spaces.  The ProShoeTo is constructed from a single piece of laser-cut steel-plate with a powder coating, in a truly impressive show of design skill. Even when free of footwear the ProShoeTo, with its clear-cut repeated graphic pattern, is a striking and visually attractive design piece.

For Lutz Dettmer, the designer behind Fnurst, the ProShoeTo 10 started as a project driven by his realisation that he simply couldn’t find a nice shoe rack for his sneaker collection, so he decided to invent a fantastic one himself.  Dettmer states “The shoerack ProShoeTo 10 combines everything I strive for when designing: One-of-a-kind innovative simplicity that rethinks the usual categories,” and that is exactly what he achieved.

The ProShoeTo 10 was not the only great product from Fnurst to gain the attention of the German Design Awards.; the StammSitz kid’s wardrobe was also nominated. The StammSitz is a wonderfully creative piece, combining a child’s natural love of exploration and collecting with outstanding minimalist design.

The sticks and branches collected by a child are used to create the final hangers and clothes’ supports of the wardrobe. Speaking of his recognition by the German Design Awards, Dettmer said “All that adds up to a beautiful affirmation that I’m right on track with my designs”; we couldn’t agree more! The designs from Fnurst make a stylish and creative addition to your home.

Fnurst’s fantastic designs are not the only products recognised by the German Design Awards that can be found at NOXU Home; the wonderful Matt Lavagna lighting range from In-es.artdesign received a German Design Awards Special Mention in 2016. The Matt Lavagna range is a truly inventive series of lamps, outstanding due to their minimalist shades that have a special blackboard coating. This blackboard coating allows you to write or doodle with chalk, inviting personalisation and interaction, while the coloured inner surfaces provide a brilliant contrast. The Matt Lavagna range also achieved the Iconic Awards 2016 selection for Interior Innovation.

From award ceremonies to your home, NOXU Home is proud and excited to help bring outstanding designer furniture pieces straight to you!


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