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In-es.artdesign at the Milan Design Week


Between the 4th and 9th of April, the world-renown Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, more commonly known as Milan Design Week, took place. Launched in 1961, the Milan Design Week was originally focused just on Italian furniture; however in the years that have followed the event has gone from strength to strength, evolving into the world’s largest trade fair of its kind.

The current design week occupies exhibition spaces totalling an impressive 230,000 square metres, (2,500,000 sq. ft.), with more than 2,500 companies taking part, showcasing their wares in one of the most important design events of the year to the 270,000 annual visitors who flock from all over the world.

One of the most intriguing and attention-grabbing parts of the 2017 Milan Design Week occurs only bi-annually; the EuroLuce lighting showcase. EuroLuce is an international lighting exhibition that attracts the leading designers and visionaries in the design community, encompassing 450 of the very brightest design minds. There is a fantastically diverse range of lighting products on display at EuroLuce, from the latest in outdoor and industrial lighting solutions to specialist lighting, designer masterpieces, and energy-saving initiatives. A show dedicated to innovative development, technology, and design, it’s the place to see the most mesmerising designer lighting pieces of the last two years.


At NOXU Home we’re proud to stock a range of products by the Italian design studio In-es.artdesign. In-es.artdesign made the trip from the heart of Rome to Milan to showcase some of their most impressive work. In-es.artdesign is a design studio whose products we absolutely adore, their creative flair and imagination seemingly knowing no limits. When we heard that they were going to Milan Design Week and had something special planned for EuroLuce we simply knew we had to know more.

In-es.artdesign decided to mark the Milan Design Week by a showcase of some of their most eye-catching and award-winning products, notably the pendant lamp range including the H2O, Mezza Luna and Cyrcus ranges, all found here at NOXU Home. In-es.artdesign specialise in inventive and creative materials when constructing their lighting designs, applying their differing material choices to their lamp ranges, such as Cemento which give the lamps a beautiful urban edge, Nebulite which gives the lamps a celestial marmoreal quality, or Lavagna, which gives the aesthetic and functionality of a blackboard.

Inviting three fantastic artists, In-Es.artdesign showcased their lamp ranges in the Lavagna design, showing off the lamp’s potential and making them even more beautiful with the artist’s work adorning them, turning them into stunning statement pieces live throughout the Milan Design Week. The artists were Rachele Santini; an imaginative illustrator whose work exudes childlike playfulness and colour, Elenza whose quirky designs have a fantastical spark, and Xu Xiaoqi; who interprets and reimagines the everyday in new perspectives.



The results were nothing short of incredible. In-es.artdesign’s pendant lamps, already visually striking, were raised beyond being design masterpieces into being works of art; balancing the aesthetics of the physical world with the creations of the artists’ instinctive imaginations

The artist’s colourful and eye-catching designs turned the simple and elegant lamps into head-turning art pieces, displaying the boundless potential of In-es.artdesign’s pieces. When interviewed about the lighting collection, Oçilunam, founder of In-es.artdesign stated “They happen by chance in the true Dadaist sense of the word”, each Lavagna light is unique, both an expression of the designer’s creativity and a platform for you to express yours.



You don’t have to be a professional artist to enjoy and benefit from one of In-es.artdesign’s incredible Lavagna style lamps; they’re elegantly minimalist even left without the addition of any creative designs, or simply the perfect place to jot down notes or little doodles for your friends and family. In-es.artdesign’s wider lighting range, from colourful quirky Paint lamps to the celestial Luna range are also not to be missed!



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