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Embracing cutting-edge industrial style with urban design

Urban, industrial-inspired, design is one of the most fashionable and in-demand design trends. Take a moment to step back and consider just how big the influence of urban style is; from your local trendy coffee shop to every interior design magazine, urban style is a crucial part of interior décor.

Urban industrial design breaks away from the bland monotony of city living, purposefully looking back to a time where industry and raw materials were at the forefront of life, a determined statement against utilitarian glass towers and flat-pack repetition. Urban style is all about embracing character, both of the space and the pieces that fill it, using unique and simple pieces to make your space a bold statement of individuality and style.

Urban design styles and techniques are going from strength to strength at the moment; however, the style is not necessarily new. Urban design and reclaiming industrial furniture and material really came into style in 1970s America, in Manhattan, New York City.

Young stylish people, priced out of the old establishment traditional housing, looked to lofts and old warehouses, reclaiming and repurposing the spaces. Large, full of light, and full of industrial details and materials, these industrial interiors were embraced by the new residents, choosing to adapt them to their style rather than change them, appreciating them for the raw creative beauty they hold. Urban design was born. Though urban design emerged in the 1970s, much of the reclaimed industrial pieces that form its core are significantly older, reclaimed wood used for furniture can be hundreds of years old, while metallic industrial decoration can hark back to the Industrial Revolution period.A key element of

A key element of modern design is embracing raw materials and repurposing old materials. Rather than letting them go unloved they’re incorporated into fascinating new pieces of furniture, creating a simple, clean and elegantly timeless style. One of the fundamental cornerstones of urban design is embracing materials not found in other interior design styles, such as concrete and raw metals. Lyon Béton’s beautiful range constructs innovative designer pieces for everyday use, primarily out of industrial concrete. An unusual choice of materials create utterly stunning results; from the minimalist Life in Progress Clock to the quirky Pipeline Vase, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Texture is a feature of interior design that is often over –looked, but urban design embraces it, incorporating reclaimed natural materials such as cork and wood alongside materials reminiscent of raw industry, such as steel and rough concrete. Such texture, along with the often reclaimed nature of urban design pieces, helps to add individuality and unique expressions to the urban design style. It’s important to not overlook lighting in any space, the ‘/’ lamp by Dragos Motica is the perfect way to illuminate your urban design. Built from materials not out of place on a construction site, the /’s concrete covered wire shade is purposefully designed to be broken and crumbled by you, adding raw expression and a feel of fresh creation to a style built on reclaiming the old. Alternately, consider a more traditional industrial-inspired light, such as Philip Ding’s Etel pendant lamps, reminiscent of classic miner’s lanterns.

Be bold with your urban design choices, with the style’s clean lines and use of negative space there simply is no such thing as too much, it’s a rich and varied design style that’s the perfect antidote to the unimaginative carefully-manicured interior design trends of the early 2000s. To soften the edge of your urban design it’s a great idea to add large rugs to add a warm feel to the space or bring in plants for a fantastic balance of industry and nature.

Urban design is perfect for adding creative flair and a feel of relaxed attractive simplicity to your home or workspace, whether you go for a more neutral or a bolder take on the style. A gritty, unapologetically modern style that embraces the raw beauty of the old industrial environment; there’s always a place for a splash of urban design.

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