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Creative Design Ideas this Easter

Easter is rapidly almost upon us, the time to celebrate rebirth and the flourishing spring. Easter is also a time of renewal, both personally and in your surroundings. It’s the perfect time for not just a spot of spring-cleaning but also redecorating, updating your interior décor not just for the Easter period but for the bright year ahead. Spring trends this year include emphasise on birds and jungle-inspired fauna, natural wood designs and floral patterns.

Easter is a wonderful time to spend with family and close friends; with the weather improving and everyone’s mood lifting it’s the perfect time to gather round and make new memories, Easter chocolate’s power to create smiles should never be underestimated! With the children off from school for a decent while they’ll be looking for things to do, the perfect way to keep them and those with an inner child occupied over the Easter period is to let their creativity flow decorating eggs for the holiday.

Decorating eggs is a tradition that we firmly associate with Easter, but its history goes far further back than that, in cultures around the world the egg symbolises fertility and new life. Did you know that for thousands of years Iranians have celebrated Nowruz, the Iranian New Year that falls at a similar time to Easter, with intricately decorated eggs?

Painted Easter eggs are a wonderful and traditional way to decorate eggs, but we want to help your creativity flow, there’s many other eye-catching and fun ways to make the eggs special! Be inventive with how you colour the eggs, be imaginative with ideas such as using temporary tattoos on the eggs for modern quirky designs, or stay eco-friendly with naturally dyed eggs.


Experiment with beetroot, turmeric, yellow onion, or other brightly colourful natural ingredients to see what colours you can make. Some are bound to surprise; boiled red onions will dye eggs blue, while boiled red cabbage will give green eggs! For best results simply boil your dye-creating ingredient, strain out any remaining solids and reduce to a more concentrated solution before leaving the eggs to soak. Adding a splash of distilled white vinegar really helps the colours to be absorbed!

Once the eggs have been coloured there’s loads of ways to add a creative finishing touch, add googly eyes and card features to make little egg birds or rabbits, or carefully attach them along a thin string or fishing wire to create a fabulous Easter garland. Easter is a time of renewal; decorated eggs look wonderful on the colourful reclaimed wood of the cabinets and furniture pieces of the Urban Chic range.

At Easter time Spring is really in bloom, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home with bright and beautiful flowers. Daffodils are the traditional choice at Easter, make their display more imaginative by using any left-over egg-shells from your egg dying; simply crack open the top, pop it in an egg-cup and add in a few flowers! Daisies and Hyacinths are other floral choices sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Easter’s not just a time to spend at home; it’s also a great time to get away! There are some amazing Easter traditions across the world. From Greek firework displays to chasing rolling eggs in Northern Britain! You don’t have to go far to enjoy Easter. While there are country fairs and village fetes up and down the country, you need only head out to the garden or a local park to enjoy the flowers and airy spring feeling. Easter makes the perfect time to invest in outdoor furniture; outdoor rugs and cushions are a wonderful choice for this time of year, great for trips and picnics they add a splash of colour, not to mention comfort, wherever you take them.Easter marks one of the high points of spring, a time to bring loved ones together and spruce up your living space with colour and renewed style.

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