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Creative Colourful Minimalism!

IUMI Aion Pendant Lamps

Designer furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, with beautiful pieces created for every possible style, situation or surroundings. One of the most attractive and fashionable designer furniture styles is minimalism. Minimalism is a very broad design field, applicable to everything from skyscraper architecture to accessories in the home. Colourful Minimalism traces its routes to the hugely influential American visual arts scene of the 1960s era. 

Minimalism continues to be an innovative design field. In recent years minimalist designs have really embraced colour in their work, bringing together early minimalist art styles and Scandinavian inspired furniture. In this blog we’re going to explore some of the most outstanding colourful minimalist designers, and what makes them just so special!

If you’re looking for a way to brighten your home with cheerful furniture while keeping in line with minimalist principles, there are few design brands quite as perfect as Odddot. Odddot is a relatively young and truly international company, based in the heart of Wales. Odddot creates a range of unique designs for minimalist living; clocks, consoles and cabinets. By embracing ultra-simple yet high-quality construction Odddot has made charming furniture pieces that leap out with their bold and bright colour elements. With a harmonious playoff of smooth coloured surfaces and exposed wood surfaces, Odddot’s furniture brings sunshine to your space whatever the weather.

Colourful Minimalism Odddot Lyna Cabinet
Odddot Lyna Cabinet

Colourful minimalism isn’t just about bold and bright colours. By embracing pastel colours, especially when in conjunction with natural materials, a beautifully calming aesthetic effect is created. The tiny German design house IUMI has achieved mastery of this style. IUMI show how minimalism and the very latest design technology can work so well together; their elegantly simple pendant lamps created using advanced laser-cutting technology.

IUMI Aion Pendant Lamps
IUMI Aion Pendant Lamps

Interior design, whatever the style, always works brilliantly when with floral-inspired features or patterns. Colourful minimalism is no exception, with the hues and tones of nature being the inspiration behind some of the most eye-catching colourful minimalist designs. This is expressed wonderfully with Green Decore’s geometric rug collection, the eco-friendly rugs inspired by the creeping vines, bright colours, and repetitive patterns, of floral plants.

Green Decore rug
Green Decore Nirvana Rug

Colourful minimalism definitely doesn’t have to have a basic in the natural, however, as Fnurst Möbel proves with their award winning ‘ProShoeTo’ shoe racks. Embracing the clean cut lines that help set out minimalist design, the ProShoeTo is constructed entirely of metal. This incredible design is also available in black or white and helps demonstrate the adaptability of minimalist design, suitable for any surroundings or taste.

Fnurst Möbel ProShoeTo Shoe Rack
Fnurst Möbel ProShoeTo Shoe Rack

Adaptability and the potential for variation are just two of the great attractions of both colourful designs and minimalist style. As with anything designed in minimalist style, sometimes the most simple and refined pieces can have the best effects of all. Yaco Studio was clearly aware of this fact when they created their Yaco Rack range. Fantastic in its simplicity, the Yaco Racks are clothing rails that cut out all unnecessary details, creating wardrobes of a colourful metal frame and smooth wooden rail. Brilliant at home or in a commercial space, the Yaco Rack is the perfect way to compliment your clothes without detracting attention from them!

Yaco Studio Yaco Rack

Colourful Minimalism is a wonderfully varied and expanding design style, one of the most fashionable interior styles of 2017, and one that looks to be sticking around! With some of the most creative innovative independent designers, NOXU Home is the perfect place to find exactly the furniture you need!

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