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Simple and Stylish, How Rform are Rethinking Furniture!

rform detail

At NOXU Home we’re immensely proud of our ever-expanding selection of designers; our team careful seek out the very best independent design houses and brands from across Europe to ensure every product we offer is spectacular. When our team stumbled across the design company Rform they were immediately enthralled! Rform is a relatively young company from the Flanders region of Belgium, but already they’re making a name for themselves with their original and imaginative takes on classic designs. From minimalist benches to eye-catching cabinets; every one of their furniture concepts is outstanding!

When you first see Rform‘s range, the most striking features are the brightly coloured segments, the smooth wooden elements, and the stunning contrast between the two. Cheerfully colourful segments bring a charming touch to these minimalist pieces, with the consistent use of high-quality wood reaffirming such materials place at the heart of minimalist design; an elegant choice of materials that not only looks great but are sturdy and resilient.

rform Pi Stool Snow White with Switch Bench 01 Palm Leaf Green

The designers at Rform proudly state that the starting point for their start-up was their “infinite passions” for product development using digital production techniques. Their mission is to design products that are seemingly simple but effortlessly brilliant; bringing their designs to life using the latest manufacturing technology. With keen eyes for even the smallest detail, it’s clear on closer look that every last millimetre of Rform‘s products have been carefully and specifically planned. This results in an almost indescribable sense of aesthetic balance, furniture that not only compliments your space but brightens it.

Rform embraces the relationship between the start of a furniture concept as a playful idea and the technical prowess of industrial perfection. Pieces such as their iconic Tall Frame Sideboard incorporate angular geometric laser-cut sections while using colourful panels to overturn the devotion to traditionally muted colours of Scandinavian-inspired minimalism, something many designers simply refuse to dare. Using colours ranging from foxy orange and cherry red to butterfly blue and palm leaf green, rform’s innovation pays off, with their vibrant designs gaining attention from across the design scene.

By sticking to their principles and their deep-rooted belief in the power of ‘pure’ simplicity, Rform has not only made a range of individual masterpieces but a range of pieces that work fantastically well together. With Rform you don’t have to worry about a style imbalance between your chairs and table or stools and benches, all of their designs accentuate each other, even if you choose radically different colours!

The beautiful designs and innovative materials of Rform‘s designs are not the only reason why their creations are so desirable, their pieces are also handily simple to set-up, and constructed using guaranteed environmentally friendly reason. Furniture made of wood shipped from the other side of the world is not only out-dated but simply unfashionable, Rform looked to their local sustainably managed forests for their wooden segments. The plastic look of the colourful laminate sections is only for show, it actually consists of a durable 100% biodegradable material.

Rform‘s furniture pieces are perfect for minimalist living with soul, whether you want a fantastic centrepiece or the perfect finishing touch to your space. Designed to last, never losing its colourful charm, bring Rform into your home today with NOXU Home!

rform Frame Sideboard 02 Small - Foxy Orange

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Creative Colourful Minimalism!

IUMI Aion Pendant Lamps

Designer furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, with beautiful pieces created for every possible style, situation or surroundings. One of the most attractive and fashionable designer furniture styles is minimalism. Minimalism is a very broad design field, applicable to everything from skyscraper architecture to accessories in the home. Colourful Minimalism traces its routes to the hugely influential American visual arts scene of the 1960s era. 

Minimalism continues to be an innovative design field. In recent years minimalist designs have really embraced colour in their work, bringing together early minimalist art styles and Scandinavian inspired furniture. In this blog we’re going to explore some of the most outstanding colourful minimalist designers, and what makes them just so special!

If you’re looking for a way to brighten your home with cheerful furniture while keeping in line with minimalist principles, there are few design brands quite as perfect as Odddot. Odddot is a relatively young and truly international company, based in the heart of Wales. Odddot creates a range of unique designs for minimalist living; clocks, consoles and cabinets. By embracing ultra-simple yet high-quality construction Odddot has made charming furniture pieces that leap out with their bold and bright colour elements. With a harmonious playoff of smooth coloured surfaces and exposed wood surfaces, Odddot’s furniture brings sunshine to your space whatever the weather.

Colourful Minimalism Odddot Lyna Cabinet
Odddot Lyna Cabinet

Colourful minimalism isn’t just about bold and bright colours. By embracing pastel colours, especially when in conjunction with natural materials, a beautifully calming aesthetic effect is created. The tiny German design house IUMI has achieved mastery of this style. IUMI show how minimalism and the very latest design technology can work so well together; their elegantly simple pendant lamps created using advanced laser-cutting technology.

IUMI Aion Pendant Lamps
IUMI Aion Pendant Lamps

Interior design, whatever the style, always works brilliantly when with floral-inspired features or patterns. Colourful minimalism is no exception, with the hues and tones of nature being the inspiration behind some of the most eye-catching colourful minimalist designs. This is expressed wonderfully with Green Decore’s geometric rug collection, the eco-friendly rugs inspired by the creeping vines, bright colours, and repetitive patterns, of floral plants.

Green Decore rug
Green Decore Nirvana Rug

Colourful minimalism definitely doesn’t have to have a basic in the natural, however, as Fnurst Möbel proves with their award winning ‘ProShoeTo’ shoe racks. Embracing the clean cut lines that help set out minimalist design, the ProShoeTo is constructed entirely of metal. This incredible design is also available in black or white and helps demonstrate the adaptability of minimalist design, suitable for any surroundings or taste.

Fnurst Möbel ProShoeTo Shoe Rack
Fnurst Möbel ProShoeTo Shoe Rack

Adaptability and the potential for variation are just two of the great attractions of both colourful designs and minimalist style. As with anything designed in minimalist style, sometimes the most simple and refined pieces can have the best effects of all. Yaco Studio was clearly aware of this fact when they created their Yaco Rack range. Fantastic in its simplicity, the Yaco Racks are clothing rails that cut out all unnecessary details, creating wardrobes of a colourful metal frame and smooth wooden rail. Brilliant at home or in a commercial space, the Yaco Rack is the perfect way to compliment your clothes without detracting attention from them!

Yaco Studio Yaco Rack

Colourful Minimalism is a wonderfully varied and expanding design style, one of the most fashionable interior styles of 2017, and one that looks to be sticking around! With some of the most creative innovative independent designers, NOXU Home is the perfect place to find exactly the furniture you need!

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Latest Summer Styles!

Green Decore outdoor rug

Summer is well and truly here at last. Summer style and furniture can often be overlooked, compared to the dominating trends and exhibition fairs of spring and autumn. Keep on top of what’s hot this summer by exploring the varied styles that can keep your home fresh and cool throughout the summer heat!

Spring style has always focused around nature and florals; as spring turns to summer the design world moves from flowery designs to more minimalistic, cleaner, nature inspired designs. Botanical designs are definitely not out of the picture yet, they’re just not quite so overt. Elegant designer pieces that incorporate botanical elements in just the right balance are the perfect home accessory choice for Summer 2017. The stunning Gala Rug from Green Decore evokes thoughts of long hazy days with its creeping-vine inspired pattern, while the Morphée cushions use floral elements in harmony with retro geometric patterns. During the long summer hours, everyone wants to spend as much time outside as possible, the resilient materials of both the Gala Rug and Morphée Cushions mean they can accentuate your outdoor space all summer long too!

Balancing urban or industrial-inspired design with the colours and aesthetic variety of Summer style could potentially present a problem. There is no need to worry though; the designers found at NOXU Home have released some incredible creations to help spruce up your minimalist urban space this Summer! Lyon Béton’s beautiful Pipeline Vase is a wonderful way to bring nature into any urbane space, creating a charming contrast of concrete and a plant of your choice!

Whether your home is at the cutting-edge of modern aesthetics, or you prefer the charm of traditional interior design, Moroccan-inspired decor is back this Summer and better than ever! Spurred on by a resurgence of bright colours and geometric patterns, (covered below,) the most stylish interiors are taking inspiration from one of the world’s best holiday destinations. The Marrakesh Pendant Lamp from It’s about RoMi, inspired by the markets of the Moroccan capital, is a fantastic way to upgrade your lighting this summer. The Marrakesh Pendant Lamp is a beautiful design that won’t go out of style, even after the design world has moved on from their Moroccan focus! Balance your space with Green Decore‘s beautiful Moroccan Silk Rug, found on NOXU Home.

Marrakesh pendant lamp

Geometric designs are another strong trend of 2017. Now that summer is here the focus for geometric designs moves from the more neutral monochrome designs of earlier in the year to bright and bold base colours. Colourful outdoor furniture is a fantastic way to embrace this trend, it’s amazing how a splash of colour can really cheer up any space! We’re really pleased to stock Green Decore’s extensive outdoor furniture collection on NOXU Home, there are so many fantastic geometric designs its hard to pick a favourite!

Green Decore poufs

It can be tempted to neglect dark and deep tones during the summer months, that’s a style faux pas in 2017! Deeper colours, particularly dark reds and inky blues, provide a perfect feel for those long summer nights when you retreat indoors, creating a luxurious aesthetic environment that compliments natural elements brilliantly, perfect for creating an Eastern-inspired space. The Lavagna lighting range from In-es.artdesign smoothly brings together dark tones and deep base colours.

Summer style is the perfect time to bring some new designer furniture into your home, spring cleaning has cleared out the old, now it’s time for something new. Make sure your new furniture is sure to stay stylish with NOXU Home!

Lavagna pendant lamps


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Top Design Trends of 2017!

Make your space stylish with the best design trends of 2017!

The design world is a constantly evolving scene, new brands inject fresh ideas, while traditional concepts are reinvented. 2017 is already almost halfway over, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the design trends of 2017 so far and the direction the hottest design trends of 2017 are heading! From space-saving solutions to statement pieces, nature to the future, 2017 has been a fantastically varied year for the design scene, in this blog we’re going to guide you through the top design trends to keep an eye out for, and how NOXU Home can help you bring them into your home!

Natural Design, Natural Beauty

Natural motifs and environmentally friendly design are super in fashion in 2017. Natural design always gains popularity during the Spring, however it looks like it will be a more long-term trend of 2017; driven particularly by an upsurge in eco-friendly design. No longer a fringe trend, eco-friendly design is being embraced across the design world as its spectacular potential is realised. Designer furniture pieces are investments, enhancing the value and look of your home or office. As Dr Vandana Shiva said, “It is not an investment if it is destroying the planet”, 2017 marks a real turning point in independent designers not just incorporating sustainable design, but embracing it.

NOXU Home has teamed up with the fantastic independent designers Green Decore to bring you some of the best environmentally-friendly designer furniture pieces available. Green Decore’s rugs are showcase designer pieces that add a brilliant finishing touch to your space, whether outdoors or indoors. Constructed from recycled plastic for a durable finish, or sustainable sari silk for a luxurious feel, the Green Decore collection, from rugs to accessories, is not to be missed!

Bright Lighting Innovation

Lighting has always been a staple of the design world; lighting can make or break any space, it’s important not to overlook lighting but instead find the perfect designer lamp for your space. 2017 is showing that designers are not afraid to be experimental and innovative with their lighting designs. Modern technology is always providing space for new design ideas and invention. New materials and paint coatings are enabling designers to replicate textures and tones that were simply impossible only a few years back. At NOXU Home you’ll find award-winning lights that are at the cutting-edge of lighting design. In-es.artdesign brings together innovative materials, from blackboard surfaces to surfaces inspired by the moon, with elegantly minimalist shade shapes, to spectacular result.

Traditional lighting concepts are being reinvented to bring them up to date with modern style. With the ever-increasing prevalence of LED bulbs, designers are creating fascinating new pieces designed to work with bright lights, without the constraints caused by the heat of traditional bulbs. It’s about RoMi is one of the leading lighting pioneers of 2017, their Athens Lamps are minimalist masterpieces, while their Seattle Pendant reimagines the chandelier, while bringing a retro industrial chic feel!

Timeless Clocks

Clocks are back in fashion in 2017, with independent designers embracing their simple construction and timeless appeal, creating modern and inventive clock designs that buck the pattern of the last few years of uninspiring timekeeping designs. Even the most traditional of clock designs has been updated, such as the beautiful One Clock from LEFF Amsterdam, which takes years of clock design and refines it into one minimalist masterpiece.

The French design group Lyon Béton has embraced concrete for all their work, showing how an unconventional material can create wonderfully quirky designs, such as their minimalist Life in Progress Clock. Other fantastic designs from Lyon Béton to look out for include their incredibly popular ‘Cloud’ bathroom shelf and their urban-inspired Pipeline Vase.

Material Innovation

In 2017 it’s not just the potential of innovative materials being realised, but also the appeal of combining wildly different materials. The independent Polish design company Take Me Home is at the forefront of this trend. From the elegant Arena Coffee Table to the striking Massivo Dining Table, be sure your space is stylish with NOXU Home! Minimalist tables help draw attention to central elements of your space, leaving a platform for decorative features, as well as enhancing any modern minimalist furniture or Scandinavian furniture you may already own.

2017 has been an incredible year for the design world so far. The design shows and exhibitions that have happened this year have shown just how inventive the design scene continues to be. In a fast-paced and ever-changing market it can seem difficult to predict what’s around the corner, we hope our insight has helped you to navigate some of the most fashionable and innovative design trends of 2017!

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The Stylish World of London Restaurants

German Gymnasium interior

London is a bustling, modern, multi-cultural city.  It’s also known for its eclectic and immensely varied architecture; with Georgian townhouses competing with new skyscrapers and Victorian pubs. Just as the exterior of London restaurants are varied and of every style, so are the interiors. We’re going to look at some of the best restaurant interior designs across the British capital, to find out what makes them so outstanding in this design-centric city.

The Restaurant and Bar Design Week may be a long way off, all the way in October, but we think Spring is the perfect time to appraise the innovative and inventive designs of London restaurants, as people head out to enjoy the longer evenings and the tourists come flocking in.

Restaurants are a natural gathering place, a place where people come together to share both food and each other’s company. A restaurant should feel welcoming and relaxed; some restaurants foolishly neglect their interior design, while others make fabulous use of it, staying innovative and inventive, turning their restaurants into experiences in themselves.  Restaurants are a great place to not only showcase but shape trends and design fashion, in the Instagram age people don’t just want attractive food, they want it in stylish and eye-catching surroundings too.

We’ve previously written a blog focused on industrial urban design at home, so we’re going to start by showcasing a couple of the leading London restaurants to embrace the industrial aesthetic. The Factory House, nestled in Lime Street in the heart of the city of London is a wonderful transition of industrial detail and home comforts, with a vaguely theatrical flair. Upon entrance, the customer is guided down a beautiful bespoke helical staircase into the underground space that mixes patinated copper and exposed metallic ceiling supports with reclaimed elements and plush upholstered seating. Beagle, with their simple British menu, is located under railway arches in-between Hackney and Shoreditch. Embracing simplicity in their food and design, Beagle’s wide open-plan floor space and curved exposed brickwork walls and ceiling create an airy and relaxed atmosphere, accentuated by their contrasting pendant lighting choices. A delightful environment to enjoy a meal with friends and family, you can replicate Beagle’s aesthetic with the wide range of pendant lighting available at NOXU Home.

Beagle restaurant
Beagle Restaurant


Plentiful restaurants make use of pre-existing buildings, some are lucky enough to have buildings sculpted just for them. The Magazine Restaurant in Hyde Park is one of them, with a spectacularly curved shell designed by the renowned architect Dame Zaha Hadid. Inside The Magazine is just as spectacular, embracing minimalist white design, accentuated by splashes of natural green, kept bright by the sunshine through wide window spaces. The Magazine is a truly spectacular restaurant that has to be seen to be believed.

Magazine restaurant
Magazine Restaurant


Some stylish London restaurants go for particular quirks and design choices that make them stand out from the crowd with impressive flair. Berners Tavern, in the upmarket Fitzrovia district, is a perfect example. An upmarket restaurant known for drawing a celebrity crowd, it has a ballroom feel with intricate cornicing and chandeliers. The most eye-catching element is the walls; resplendent with majestic large paintings and mirrors, covering almost every available space, apart from the eye-catching illuminated wall to ceiling bar cabinet. Berners Tavern demonstrates how quirky style can be embraced even in the most elegant of environments.

Berners Tavern
Berners Tavern


You need not have an ultra-high-end formal restaurant to stay stylish, Pizarro in Bermondsey is a Spanish restaurant with just as high-quality food, but a more relaxed design style. Pizarro embraces traditional Spanish design elements such as extensive wooden paneling and communal bench seating to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. With its unassuming exterior, Pizarro demonstrates that you can make a restaurant magical in any location.

Pizzaro Restaurant
Pizzaro Restaurant (Photo: Paul Winch-Furness /


We couldn’t write about London restaurant design without mentioning the German Gymnasium in vibrant King’s Cross, which won the award for the world’s most beautiful restaurant in last year’s Restaurant and Bar Design Week awards. Once upon a time England’s first purpose-built gym, built in 1865, the German Gymnasium is a truly stunning restaurant. A vast and cavernous space, the German Gymnasium embraces sleek modern style while embracing the natural wood elements of the original building, including the stunning roof-panel ceiling. Beautifully elegant, the German Gymnasium epitomises all that makes the design scene of London restaurants so outstanding.

German Gymnasium interior
German Gymnasium


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Making the Perfect Modern Dining Room

Traditionally, the dining room was the focus of the home, the formal room for entertaining, dining, and family occasions. Today many people see dedicated dining rooms as dying breed, while it’s true that not as many dining rooms are included in new build homes as they once were, we still think dining rooms make a wonderful addition to the home if you’re lucky enough to have one, and if not then it’s easy to make a homely dining space in your living room or kitchen. Modern dining room design has evolved far beyond the traditional, the use of only heavy hard-woods and sombre dark colours are a thing of the past, with modern designs looking to make dining rooms a stylish and welcoming part of any home.

Before considering what design style and furniture is suitable for your dining room the first thing to consider is your layout, is your Dining room open plan or contained? How is it connected to the kitchen and the rest of the house? Two of the most popular and stylish modern Dining room trends at the moment are minimalism and industrial flair, you may want to make your Dining room stand-out, or fit in with the rest of your home.

Whatever style you go for, simplicity can be key for a gorgeous and eye-catching dining room. Flair can be added with lighting and décor, while keeping the general feel of the room uncluttered and attractive; the key is the little details.

The table is the centrepiece of the dining room, and rightfully so, it is the most important piece of furniture in the room, it should be the first thing that catches your eye too. One of the most easily avoidable mistakes people make when choosing a dining table is to over-estimate their space; it’s advisable to leave at least a foot on any-side of the table you are planning to place chairs, so as nothing else gets in the way of people standing and sitting. The range of dining tables from NOXU Home come in a convenient range of sizes, including some like the Massivo which has the exact same design in multiple sizes.

Wood is the classic choice for a dining table; a wood table is a great choice for modern dining rooms too, go for one of the Take Me Home collection, smooth wood balanced on intricate and sturdy metal support designs for an ultra-minimalist modern look. Alternatively consider a choice from the Urban Chic range for the homely aged feel and depth of reclaimed Indian hard-wood. Both the Take Me Home collection and the Urban Chic range incorporate metal into their designs with spectacular results, metal and wood work wonderfully together, and help add a modern edge to the room. Whatever design you go for, it’s important to choose a furniture piece that’s constructed from only the highest quality materials in a strong and sturdy design. All the dining room tables at NOXU Home have been specifically chosen by our team as pieces that are as resilient as they are attractive, to be statement pieces for your home for years to come. Dining chairs need to be the perfect balance of comfort and elegance, it’s important to also consider under-table clearance and necessary elbow room. Benches are a quirky and sociable way to give a relaxed touch to your dining space and bring friends and family together.

Colour and tone are other key elements of the furniture choices for the dining room, while black or white choices can be tempting for a minimalist space, they are a risky choice for dining room table-tops and chairs, as stains, spills and scratches naturally show up far more easily. Tables such as the Tavolo, available at NOXU Home, are the perfect balance between a solid wood table-top and attractive single-colour metal supports. Choose for the white metal option to perfectly compliment the Oak table surface.

Lighting can make or break a dining room, just as it can in any other space. Pendant lights are recommended for a modern dining room space, they bath the area in well-distributed light, while being attractive eye-catching decorative pieces in themselves, such as the stunning Mesa Luna and Cyrcus ranges from In-Es.artdesign; available with NOXU Home. Lower the pendants as far as you dare for an ultra-modern aesthetic, though leave enough space for your guests to see each other! Alternatively go for an industrial-inspired light source such as Etel pendant lamps from Philip Ding for a simple yet quirky was to spruce up the space. Symmetry naturally appeals to humans, so it’s best to centre the light over the table, or purchase multiple.

Dining room rugs have really come into fashion over the last few years, accentuating your style, not to mention providing comfort. Just as you should leave some space around the table to ensure your guests can get up and sit down comfortably, make sure an under-table rug won’t be caught by moving chairs. Easy to clean rugs such as the one’s stocked on NOXU Home are the perfect rug for under-table use, wine-stains no longer need to be something to fear!

Dining Rooms are a chance for your creativity and sense of interior design to shine for your friends and family, create a beautiful space following our tips incorporating only the very best designer pieces for a modern room that’s a pleasure to eat in and a valuable addition to any home.

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Creative Design Ideas this Easter

Easter is rapidly almost upon us, the time to celebrate rebirth and the flourishing spring. Easter is also a time of renewal, both personally and in your surroundings. It’s the perfect time for not just a spot of spring-cleaning but also redecorating, updating your interior décor not just for the Easter period but for the bright year ahead. Spring trends this year include emphasise on birds and jungle-inspired fauna, natural wood designs and floral patterns.

Easter is a wonderful time to spend with family and close friends; with the weather improving and everyone’s mood lifting it’s the perfect time to gather round and make new memories, Easter chocolate’s power to create smiles should never be underestimated! With the children off from school for a decent while they’ll be looking for things to do, the perfect way to keep them and those with an inner child occupied over the Easter period is to let their creativity flow decorating eggs for the holiday.

Decorating eggs is a tradition that we firmly associate with Easter, but its history goes far further back than that, in cultures around the world the egg symbolises fertility and new life. Did you know that for thousands of years Iranians have celebrated Nowruz, the Iranian New Year that falls at a similar time to Easter, with intricately decorated eggs?

Painted Easter eggs are a wonderful and traditional way to decorate eggs, but we want to help your creativity flow, there’s many other eye-catching and fun ways to make the eggs special! Be inventive with how you colour the eggs, be imaginative with ideas such as using temporary tattoos on the eggs for modern quirky designs, or stay eco-friendly with naturally dyed eggs.


Experiment with beetroot, turmeric, yellow onion, or other brightly colourful natural ingredients to see what colours you can make. Some are bound to surprise; boiled red onions will dye eggs blue, while boiled red cabbage will give green eggs! For best results simply boil your dye-creating ingredient, strain out any remaining solids and reduce to a more concentrated solution before leaving the eggs to soak. Adding a splash of distilled white vinegar really helps the colours to be absorbed!

Once the eggs have been coloured there’s loads of ways to add a creative finishing touch, add googly eyes and card features to make little egg birds or rabbits, or carefully attach them along a thin string or fishing wire to create a fabulous Easter garland. Easter is a time of renewal; decorated eggs look wonderful on the colourful reclaimed wood of the cabinets and furniture pieces of the Urban Chic range.

At Easter time Spring is really in bloom, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home with bright and beautiful flowers. Daffodils are the traditional choice at Easter, make their display more imaginative by using any left-over egg-shells from your egg dying; simply crack open the top, pop it in an egg-cup and add in a few flowers! Daisies and Hyacinths are other floral choices sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Easter’s not just a time to spend at home; it’s also a great time to get away! There are some amazing Easter traditions across the world. From Greek firework displays to chasing rolling eggs in Northern Britain! You don’t have to go far to enjoy Easter. While there are country fairs and village fetes up and down the country, you need only head out to the garden or a local park to enjoy the flowers and airy spring feeling. Easter makes the perfect time to invest in outdoor furniture; outdoor rugs and cushions are a wonderful choice for this time of year, great for trips and picnics they add a splash of colour, not to mention comfort, wherever you take them.Easter marks one of the high points of spring, a time to bring loved ones together and spruce up your living space with colour and renewed style.